Black Bear, Plastic Small

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Although it may not look it, the North American black bear, Ursus Americanus, is actually the continent's smallest bear species. Not only that, it's also the world's most common species of bear and often encounters humans because they wander into urban and suburban areas in search of food. With a shadowy black coat and sandy brown nose, this meticulously hand painted figurine captures the look of the North American black bear to a tee. Not known to have any consistent predators once they've matured.  Black bears feed mainly on grasses, fruits, roots, nuts, seeds and grains, although they also eat fish, insects, carrion and garbage. Their average life span in their natural habitat is 20 years.  Although these jet black bears are often solitary creatures, we're sure this timid fellow would enjoy your company! Size is 4½ inches long and 2½ inches tall.

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